Snell Legal Assists NBA Magic All-Star Vince Carter


Snell Legal was pleased to be a sponsor of NBA Magic All-Star Vince Carter's Embassy of Hope Foundation Gala and Golf Tournament held July 10 and 26, 2009 respectively. The Foundation was established in 1998 to address the needs of children and their parents and during its existence has given a substantial amount of money to a wide variety of recipients. In addition, Vince, a Daytona Beach native, and graduate of Mainland High School, has personally contributed millions of additional dollars to needs in his home town community, such as the Mainland High School gymnasium and the Stewart-Marchman Foundation's 100 bed substance abuse treatment facility now know as the Vince Carter Sanctuary. For additional information on the Embassy of Hope Foundation see

An exciting new venture for Vince is a restaurant, currently under construction, to be called "Vince Carter's" (of course!). The restaurant will be conveniently located by the intersection of LPGA Boulevard and I-95 in Daytona Beach, which is just north of the intersection of I-4 and I-95 and will open later this year so stay tuned for more details. Fans of Vince and the Magic will have to visit but fan or not it will be worth the trip. Snell Legal has been privileged to assist Vince with legal issues related to the restaurant project.

No article on the Foundation, Vince Carter's, or for that matter all that is good about Vince, would be compete without mentioning his mother, Michelle Carter-Scott, who is instrumental to the success enjoyed by all. Suffice to say that like so many in the area we are elated that Vince was traded from the New Jersey Nets to the Magic and we will be able to not only watch him play, and root him and the Magic on, but we will also have him in and around the community, which he has been so good to, much more often. We could not be prouder of our association with Vince Carter.

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