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Protect Your Business With a Non-Compete Agreement 

In today's competitive business landscape, protecting your valuable assets, such as trade secrets, customer relationships, and confidential information, is crucial to maintaining a competitive edge. Non-compete agreements and other restrictive covenants are powerful tools that can help safeguard your business interests. At Snell Legal, our Daytona Beach non-compete lawyer has extensive experience in drafting, enforcing, and defending these agreements to protect your business from unfair competition.

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Common Violations of Non-Compete Agreements

Breach of a non-compete agreement often involves more than just the violation of a contractual obligation. In many cases, it also encompasses the solicitation of customers, clients, or patients, as well as the theft of confidential information, including trade secrets. These actions can cause significant harm to your business, leading to loss of goodwill, customer base erosion, and potential damage to your business reputation.

When faced with a breach of a non-compete agreement, it is essential to take swift and decisive action to protect your business interests. Our skilled Daytona Beach non-compete attorney understands the complexities associated with breaches of non-compete agreements. We are well-versed in addressing the various elements involved in these cases, including identifying the scope of the breach, proving damages, and seeking injunctive relief to prevent further harm.

Understanding Florida's Non-Compete Agreement Laws

Under Florida Statute ยง 542.335, non-compete agreements must meet certain requirements to be enforceable. 

One of those requirements is the existence of a legitimate business interest that justifies the enforcement of the agreement. The statute explicitly states that the purpose of the agreement cannot be solely to restrict competition. 

Legitimate business interests can include the following: 

  • Protecting trade secrets
  • Confidential business information
  • Substantial relationships with specific customers, clients, or patients
  • Specialized training or knowledge provided to employees. 

Snell Legal understands the proper correlation between legitimate business interests and enforceability. With our experience, we can offer helpful analysis and advice as to whether enforcement should be sought. 

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Designing Effective Non-Compete Agreements

We believe that prevention is better than cure. That means we work closely with businesses to understand their unique needs and create tailored non-compete agreements that protect their legitimate business interests. We take the time to understand your industry, your specific market, and your key relationships to create a non-compete agreement as comprehensive and effective as possible. An agreement that is well-drafted on the front end is more likely to pass enforceability muster on the back end. 

Legal Action For Non-Compete Agreement Violations

If your agreement has been violated,  our experienced Daytona Beach non-compete lawyer can take swift action to protect your business. We have a proven track record of success in bringing lawsuits to enforce non-compete agreements and obtaining injunctions and damages for our clients.

We understand the urgency of the situation and work diligently to gather evidence of the breach, including documentation of the employee's or business owner's actions, witness statements, and any other relevant information. We then work hard to present a compelling case to the court, demonstrating the harm caused by the breach and the need for injunctive relief to prevent further damage.

Defending Against Non-Compete Claims in Daytona Beach

Perhaps your business is on the other end of a legal disagreement and facing allegations of a non-compete breach. The team here at Snell Legal are prepared to vigorously defend the interests of our clients. 

When defending against a non-compete lawsuit, we thoroughly analyze the agreement to assess its enforceability. We examine whether the agreement meets the requirements set forth in Florida law, including the existence of a legitimate business interest and the reasonableness of the restrictions. We also explore any potential defenses, such as the lack of consideration or the unenforceability of certain provisions.

Value-Driven Legal Services for Daytona Beach Businesses

At Snell Legal, we understand that legal services should provide exceptional value to our clients. We offer cost-effective representation to meet your budgetary needs. Our priority is to provide you with skilled and experienced representation that protects your business interests without breaking the bank. 

If you need assistance with non-compete, or other restrictive covenant agreements, or are facing a non-compete lawsuit, schedule a consultation today. 

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